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Analyse & Imagine

Via a thorough analysis of your context and with the help of a Design Thinking process, we start shaping the basic outline of your next solution.


Thanks to our eXtreme Architecture workshops, we accompany your business by defining a state-of-the-art solution corresponding to your needs.


Through our agile approach, our experts iteratively construct the Minimum Viable Product based on your idea.



Luc Legardeur IoT Sensitive & Co-founder
François Laurain IoT Strategist & Co-founder
Pablo Lopez IoT Designer & Associate Director
Qian Jin IoT Maker
Simone Civetta IoT Maker
Sameh Ben Fredj IoT Maker





Analysing IoT Data: Introduction to Time Series forecasting with Python

Nowadays, analyzing IoT data and extracting business value from it is becoming a hot topic. IoT data domain applications are diverse, to give few examples, we can list: Industry 4.0, smart city or connected health. Analyzing IoT data enables anomaly detection, predictive maintenance, prediction of stocks, air quality, weather or even illness. The list of usages […]

Getting ready for production with Android Things

Since the first developer release in December 2016, Android Things has been moving forward rapidly with various improvements. While there are still people wondering why we should start building IoT project with Android Things, we believe that it’s time to get ready for production with this emerging platform. Because building an OS is hard, you […]

IoT data processing: On-the-Edge VS the rest

In its 11th Global Internet Traffic forecast, Cisco estimated that cloud traffic is likely to rise almost 4 times in the next 3 years, from 3.9 zettabytes (ZB, that is 1,000 TB) per year in 2015 to 14.1 ZB per year by 2020. Most notably, the data produced by the Internet of Things are a […]

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IoT White Paper

Modern computer science constantly feeds on buzzwords. In 2017, the Internet of Thing (IoT) is on everyone's lips. The term IoT is used for the first time at the Auto-ID center at MIT in 1999. Since 2013, the Oxford dictionary defines IoT as: "The interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data".

Since that date, communicating objects started flourishing everywhere: from bracelets for activity monitoring to the collection of vital signs in the medical field. The amount of connected objects multiplies at high speed: according to Cisco, 50 billion objects will be part of our everyday life by 2020.

Also and foremost, as electronic components get cheaper and cheaper, it is now possible to experiment with an idea at a reasonable price. Scripts to query sensors or operate actuators are open-sourced in a multitude of languages. The emergence of FabLab and the DIY movement makes industrial know-how available to everyone.

This TechTrend aims at demystifying the Internet of Objects and at opening the doors of a new digital transformation to enterprises.

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IoT Strategist

Our strategists identify market opportunities, define and validate the vision of the product. They build the revenue model to ensure viability and desirability with future end users.

You are a Product Owner passionate about IoT and you understand its ecosystem?

IoT Designer

Our Designers conceive robust and efficient IoT architectures.

Do you have at least 8 years of experience in the realization and the design of large projects? Are you ready to design and build the architectures for the IoT of tomorrow?

IoT Maker

Our Makers craft our next IoT projects, from start-up to production. The IoT Maker addresses a wide range of skills, from Hardware to Software, from Backend to Mobile Devices, from Big Data to DevOps.
Are you an IoT crafts(wo)man devoted to software quality?